Who Phil Cannella Stands For


Phil Cannella, the nation’s top Retirement Phase Expert and Consumer Advocate, will be campaigning the tri-state area all year, bringing consumers a one-of-a-kind education on retirement planning. Each week Phil Cannella presents the most up-to-date, relevant news concerning all aspects of your retirement.

  • Hear current market predictions directly from the nation’s most powerful industry leaders, esteemed economists and top research centers in exclusive interviews only seen at this educational event.
  • Learn how to get a tax-free IRA and never have to take a Required Minimum Distribution, even if you’re older than 70 ½.
  • Get educated on the safe alternative investment options outside of Wall Street that are used in the proven Crash Proof Retirement System™ developed by Phil Cannella himself. These investment vehicles ensure you never lose a penny of you principal— Documented by a Wharton School of Business Study.