New Hampshire Primary Results

Voting concept - Ballot box with national flag on background - New Hampshire

President Trump and the democratic field of candidates made their final pitch to New Hampshire voters on the eve of the February 11 primary. Democrats were looking for a rebound from the Iowa caucus, as issues tallying the vote totals were reported throughout the state. Results from the Iowa caucuses took nearly a week to report. When the polls closed in New Hampshire however, President Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders came away victorious, while former Vice-President Joe Biden failed to secure any delegates. 

Bernie Sanders carried the primary with 25.7% of the vote, a 1.3% victory over runner-up Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Despite the win, Sanders and Buttigieg will share the same number of pledged delegates at 9 a piece. Arguably, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar was another big winner, as she secured an unexpected third place finish in New Hampshire, leaping both fellow Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice-President Joe Biden. Klobuchar received the remaining 6 of the 24 total pledged delegates with 19.8% of the vote. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren received no delegates with less than 10% of the vote. 

CandidateDelegatesVote TotalPercentage
Bernie Sanders976,32425.7%
Pete Buttigieg972,45724.4%
Amy Klobuchar658,79619.8%
Elizabeth Warren027,3879.2%
Joe Biden024,9218.4%

Source: Associated Press

On the republican side of the ballot, all 22 delegates have been allocated to President Trump, who finished with 85.6% of the vote. Challenger Bill Weld performed better in the New Hampshire primary than he had in the Iowa caucuses pulling 9.1% of the vote. 

CandidateDelegatesVote TotalPercentage
Donald J. Trump*22129,69685.6%
Bill Weld013,7879.1%

Source: Associated Press

While former Vice-President Joe Biden has significantly underperformed in the first two primary states, the Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary look favorably for Biden based on the polls. Currently, Biden has a slim lead in Nevada and a commanding lead in South Carolina. He is projected to finish in the top three in California, Florida, and Texas which would provide a significant boost to his delegate count. Delegate leader Mayor Pete Buttigieg has enjoyed success in the early primary states, however he is struggling to achieve double digits in the upcoming primaries.

With nearly two weeks until the Nevada caucuses, candidates will have ample time to improve their positioning in the polls. The table below represents the total delegate count among the top five democratic candidates for president. A total of 1,991 delegates is needed to secure the democratic nomination on the first ballot. 

CandidateDelegatesVote TotalPercentage
Pete Buttigieg 23115,32127.0%
Bernie Sanders21121,68528.5%
Elizabeth Warren862,01214.5%
Amy Klobuchar779,68018.7%
Joe Biden648,52211.4%