Phil Cannella & Retirement Media, Inc.

Mission Statement by Phil Cannella

Led by Founder Phil Cannella, Retirement Media, Inc. is an alternative media source for the latest news regarding retirement. We bring truth to the American retiree through accurate, unbiased journalism.

Who Is Phil Cannella?

Phil Cannella, Retirement Phase Expert, is the founder of the Crash Proof Retirement System, an investment strategy designed to protect retirees from losing their hard-earned retirement savings to the fees, volatility and corruption of Wall Street that has been making retirement an unnecessary struggle in America for decades.  

After decades of successfully protecting thousands of consumers who have been harmed by our nation’s current retirement system, Phil Cannella took on a mission to investigate the financial industry and find an answer to the flaws on Wall Street that have been killing the American dream of one day retiring comfortably and securely.

Mr. Cannella’s relentless ambition drove him to research the legislation and policies that govern the financial industry. Phil Cannella learned a truth that is otherwise disguised by the mainstream media– the securities industry is not designed to serve the interest of consumers, but rather the goliath investment firms that run Wall Street and own the media outlets that report on it.

In recognition of the monopoly that Wall Street has established over all financial media outlets, Mr. Cannella answered the need for a voice of truth to stand alone in an industry built on a foundation of deceit and corruption.

Immediately following the financial crisis that crippled our nation in 2008, Phil Cannella took action and established his own radio show, The Crash Proof Retirement Show on Philadelphia’s #1 talk radio station, Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, part of the Entercom Radio Network (formerly CBS). This independent radio show would lay the foundation for what would grow to be a full-fledged alternative media source, built on a mission to bring the truth to the American retiree.

After years of speaking to the 2.3 million listeners across the CBS Radio Network, Mr. Cannella gained a reputation for asking the tough questions and demanding the truth. It was with this reputation that he marched to Washington D.C., to the doors of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), armed with questions that the American people deserve answers to.

On July 28, 2011, Phil Cannella sat with H. David Kotz, the then Inspector General of the nation’s top regulating agency over Wall Street, and asked why our tax dollars were going to waste on a Federal regulatory agency that was failing to police Wall Street and defend the people.

For well over an hour, Cannella sat with Kotz and continued to ask the questions that needed to be answered in a groundbreaking interview unlike any other that has conducted in mainstream media.

[Click here to watch Phil Cannella’s interview with H. David Kotz]

Cannella returned home to Philadelphia with a newfound passion for investigative reporting and quickly uploaded select clips to a website commonly used by mainstream media outlets for news gathering. Much to his surprise, every mainstream media outlet ignored this groundbreaking interview and refused to air its monumental findings.

Shortly thereafter, Cannella received a letter from SEC executives requesting that the interview not be shared with the public. Knowing that no worthy achievement is accomplished without dedication to the cause, Phil Cannella responded with a six page letter, as a voice of the people, to tell the SEC that he would not stand down. Phil Cannella made it clear that it is the SEC that needs to start making changes. (Click here to read both letters).

Only after Mr. Cannella began sharing the interview through his own media channels, like CBS Radio Network and at his own public events, did this interview draw national attention. In 2012, Bloomberg News reported that H. David Kotz was forced to resign on January 17th, less than six months after his interview with Cannella.

Between mainstream media’s lack of interest in the truth and the SEC’s intimidation tactics, Phil Cannella saw an opportunity to shed light on an industry that prefers to operate in the dark. It was then, that Retirement Media Inc. was born.

Since its official launch in 2012, RMI has gathered an archive of hard-hitting interviews and eye opening research all focused on one thing, bringing truth to the American Retiree.

A message from our founder:

“On behalf of Retirement Media Inc., I pledge to provide cutting-edge reporting and research that gives you, the American investor, access to the stories mainstream media won’t touch. And to those who stand in our way and try to harm our cause, know that in any deceptive industry, truth and logic will always prevail.” – Phil Cannella