Market Watch: Greek Crisis Reaches Its Tipping Point


U.S. stocks were lower in futures trading Friday morning, as investors awaited word from a key meeting between Greece and its creditors.

Those creditors include other key nations within the Euro zone, including Germany, which rejected Greece’s latest request for a loan extension Thursday. The Germans felt that the request was just the start of the extension, and by granting this request they’d be subjected to future delays in repayment.

If a solution is not reached soon, Greece is projected to run out of money at the end of March, signaling a default and potential exit from the Euro currency.

Brent crude oil prices briefly fell below $60 per barrel, anchored by record-breaking supplies of U.S. crude inventories.

When the opening bell rings on Wall Street, these will be the starting numbers:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 17,985.77

NASDAQ: 4,924.70

S&P 500: 2,097.45


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