Market Watch: New Concerns Over Greek Debt


U.S. stocks were lower on Thursday, as hopes of averting the debt crisis in Greece were dashed overnight.

Wednesday saw the markets recover from a Tuesday sell-off, partly on the strength of Greek optimism regarding a deal to solve the nation’s ongoing credit crisis. But European officials denied claims that such an agreement was close. The proposed solution would have unlocked nearly 7.2 billion Euros (almost $8 billion) in financial aid funding for Greece. The renewed worries have the European Central Bank concerned about a Greek exit from the Euro zone.

Back at home, U.S. investors kept their eyes on the weekly jobless claims figure, which came in slightly higher than expected at 282,000. Tomorrow will bring a second round of estimates on first-quarter GDP.

Here are the final numbers from Wall Street on Thursday:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 18,126.12 (-36.87)

NASDAQ: 5,097.98 (-8.62)

S&P 500: 2,120.79 (-2.69)


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