Market Watch: Market Up but Trillion Dollar Bubble Could Burst

The markets, by far had their best day of 2016 with the Dow, S&P & NASDAQ all recovering nicely, but the enthusiasm was tempered by a disconcerting headline on CNBC that got the attention of anyone who invests in an ETF or a Mutual Fund.  The headline read:

“Red Alert!  A $1 Trilion Dollar Stock Bubble Ready to Burst!”

What does it mean?  Watch the report from CNBC below.

Here are the final numbers from Thursday, 1/14/16 on Wall Street:

Dow Jones Industrial Average: 16,379.o5  (+227.64/ +1.41%)

NASDAQ: 4,615.00 (+88.94/ +1.97%)

S&P 500: 1,921.84  (+31.56/ +1.67%)

Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella

As a partner with CBS Radio in Philadelphia, Phil Cannella reports on the issues most important to the American retiree.
Phil Cannella
- 2 weeks ago
Phil Cannella
Phil Cannella

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