Is There a Retirement Crisis in America?


The question, is there a retirement crisis in America, was answered earlier this month during an expert panel discussion moderated by the Founder of Retirement Media Inc., Phil Cannella. This eye-opening conversation took place just outside of Philadelphia at the Retirement Media Inc. production studios and featured some of the nation’s most credible insiders on the economy and politics. The content and the tone throughout the panel discussion revealed a unanimous agreement that America is in fact facing a retirement crisis.

Dr. Andrew Huszar was in-studio to provide his insight as a former Manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Dr. Huszar was in charge of executing the first implementation of Quantitative Easing, a now 5-year old federal stimulus program that has been printing and distributing trillions of dollars into the big banks on Wall Street and is believed to be a leading factor of what has brought our country to this crisis.

Political insider, Dick Morris, joined the panel discussion to deliver his expert perspective as the former Chief Advisor to Bill Clinton during his presidency, as well as a long, tenured career in international politics. Mr. Morris’ background allowed him to bring us an inside view of how corruption on Wall Street and in Washington is driving our economy into dangerous territory, which has created a crisis for Americans looking to retire in the near future.

Also joining the panel discussion was Joann Small, co-host of The Crash Proof Retirement Show® and CEO of First Senior Financial Group, a consumer advocacy financial firm that is based on a foundation of educating consumers on investing in safe alternatives to Wall Street. Joann Small spoke on behalf of the everyday investor, asking the questions she hears day in and day out from people in or near retirement concerned about outliving their finances.

Below is the opening to the expert panel discussion that was recently aired

The answer to the question at hand is addressed at the top of the discussion, and leads into what became a conversation that should be taking place all over America.

Both Dr. Huszar and Mr. Morris are quick to agree that retirees face troubled times ahead, and support their statements with inside knowledge of how we made it to this crisis.

To further educate the audience, Phil Cannella led the discussion forward by asking the question; what caused the retirement crisis in America?

At the peak of the conversation, Dick Morris’ passion on the subject revealed itself in a powerful statement, sending the message we’ve heard from Phil Cannella for over 5 years to all Americans about how the system is stacked against you, the everyday investor.

In an excellent moderation performance, Phil Cannella facilitated a strong conclusion to this groundbreaking discussion, getting a prediction on the economy from Dr. Andrew Huszar and heartfelt advice from Dick Morris.

To hear more from The Crash Proof Retirement Show® Panel Discussion, listen to the latest podcast by clicking here.

The Crash Proof Retirement Show® airs every Saturday at 11am on Talk Radio 1210-AM, WPHT.


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