Home Health Care for Retirees


For some retirees, nursing home care is simply out of the question, due to financial restraints or specific health problems.  For these retirees, there are other options for long term care which may be more affordable, or may be a better fit to the retiree’s lifestyle.  Home health care is one of these options.


With home health care, a retiree can stay in his or her home while having licensed skilled care technicians check in daily.  Most modern long term care insurance policies include provisions that allow in-home care.  While traditional long term care insurance often did not offer coverage for this type of care, most modern policies include a rider (an attachment, schedule, amendment, or other writing that is added to a document in order to modify it) that covers home health care.

Options for Retirees Who Don’t Qualify for Long Term Care Insurance

Some retirees (especially those who have pre-existing conditions) may find it difficult to qualify for Long Term Care Insurance, including Home Health Care.  For those who don’t qualify, there are other options like Home Care services.

Home Care is a lower cost alternative to both nursing home care and traditional in-home care.  Anyone in need of care can sign up for membership with a Home Care Service and pay a monthly, semi-annual, or yearly fee to receive care for 25 hours each week in their own home.  Most of these companies provide varying levels of service which range from $1,500 annually to about $5,000.  Compared to the $75,000 or more required each year for nursing home care, Home Care can be very affordable.  It also often comes packaged with a discount medical plan, which could save you money compared to Medicare or Private Health Plans.

Home Care should not be confused with Home Health Care.  The difference is that Home Health Care is provided by licensed doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals; while Home Care (also called non-medical care or custodial care) is provided by caregivers who are not licensed as medical professionals.  There are many companies that provide Home Care services, and some provide better care than others.  First Senior Financial Group’s educators can help you find a reputable, reliable Home Care provider in your area so you can be sure your care is being provided by the most highly skilled unlicensed professionals.


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