Phil Cannella Warns the Community about the “Grandparent Scam”


If it wasn’t already clear that scammers are heartless, it becomes abundantly clear for victims of the “the grandparent scam.”

This scam usually starts with a phone call and a persuasive voice claiming to be the victim’s grandchild.  In some elaborate cases, the caller will impersonate the grandchild’s attorney, allowing the “grandchild” to speak briefly to the victim in an indistinguishable sobbing voice.  The grandchild is always in some kind of trouble, usually with the law, and begs for immediate financial assistance.

In most cases, the caller will say they have been arrested and need bail money. The caller often insists that the victim keep the situation a secret to avoid embarrassment. The victim is instructed to wire money to a specific address as soon as possible. The address for the money is almost always in a foreign country.  If the scheme is successful and these leeches taste blood, the victim can usually expect a few follow up calls asking for more money. You can be certain the victim’s money will not be used for the said reasons and it is safe to assume the recipient isn’t one to donate your money to charity either.  The money is completely gone! It is in the pockets of some heartless creature who respects nothing, not even the unconditional love between grandparent and grandchild.

According to Phil Cannella scams like these are the most heartbreaking to hear about.

“No one wants to lose money, but to be convinced their loved ones are in trouble is just too much!” says Phil Cannella.

As a leading advocate for the fair treatment of retirees, this heartless scheme gets under the skin of Phil Cannella.

“Scams that not only target seniors, but exploit their good nature and instinct to help their struggling loved ones for financial gain are disgusting,” said Phil Cannella.

Scams like this are important to be aware of. They show, that in the war against scammers, there are no boundaries and no rules these morally absent con-artists will set for themselves.

Phil Cannella’s Advice on “The Grandparent Scams”:

  • Do not answer private or blocked calls. If it is an important message they will leave a voicemail.
  • If the caller asks for money, hang up! If they claim to be a loved one, call that person directly or someone who may know of their whereabouts.
  • Do not act on emotion. Slow down. These scammers play into the fact that in such an emotional state you will act quickly before thinking about what you are doing.
  • Involve other people. The caller may request you not involve others in fear of embarrassment, but it is you who will be embarrassed when news gets out you’ve been scammed.
  • But the most important message from Phil Cannella SCAMS are SCAMS! Whether they work or not! Make sure you report scams even if you were able to avoid any actual losses. Scam prevention starts with YOU letting authorities know they exist.


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