Market Watch: First Day of the Last Week Ends Flat


As expected, trading is off to a boring start for the last week of trading in 2013. All three major indices showed little change on the Monday following Christmas, as many offices that move the markets are somewhat vacant due to staff taking off for the holidays. A lack of economic news that may have implications on the market was also a contributor to why there wasn’t much action on Wall Street.

The Dow Jones finished at 16,501.25 (+0.14%)

The S&P 500  finished at 1,841.09 (-0.02%)

The Nasdaq finished at 4,154.20 (-0.16%)

2013 is shaping up to be one of the best years in the history of the stock market, as investors poured record breaking billions into the stock market driving it into all-time highs. The question going into 2014, however, is will investors continue to indulge in this high or will they slowdown in caution from the memories of what followed the last two market peaks of 2000 and again in 2008…


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