Market Watch: Geopolitical Tensions Raise Fears


Friday, August 8th 

As tensions rise in the Middle East and continue in Ukraine, Wall Street responded with drops across the board Thursday. Friday’s outlook is even bleaker.

Following a report that Russian troops had mobilized along the Ukrainian border, stock prices began dropping Wednesday and continued their downward momentum Thursday. Even the most optimistic jobs report in years wasn’t enough to stem the tide.

Thursday Closing Bell

Dow Jones Industrial Average:  16368.27 (-0.46%)

S&P 500:  1909.57 (-0.56%)

NASDAQ: 4334.97 (-0.46%)

Early reports Friday saw stock futures considerably weaker with worldwide markets in the red across the board. Increasing threats from Iraqi extremists against minority groups in that nation contributed to this trend.

Economy Watch: A few key companies will issue second-quarter earnings before the opening bell today. The Bureau for Labor Statistics will release its worker productivity figures this morning.


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